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Koobcamp S.r.l. is a young company with an enthusiastic team of experts, using leading technology to respond to the quickly changing needs of the camping tourism sector in Italy.

Since 2003, naturalBOOKING Center is the only technological partner of Faita FederCamping (Confturismo). Since50 years, Faita FederCamping rappresents and protect the interests of companies in the camping tourismsector. Nowadays, most of the in total 2350 companies in this sector are associated with Faita FederCamping, working from 18 regional establishments.

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  • Save time: we add the campings you chose to your portal.
  • Offer your clients more destinations and get access to a larger touristic market.
  • Connect your brand name to naturalBOOKING Center and we and our partners publicize it.
  • NaturalBOOKING Center is supported by Faita FederCamping, which guarantees quality and transparancy
  • Earn a Commission for each confirmed reservation!

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